Trump Defiant Amid Legal Onslaught, Vows DOJ Can’t Rig the Game!

In the wake of a pivotal day in the ongoing 2020 election case, former President Donald Trump seized the spotlight with a fiery speech that echoed his trademark dramatic style. With his eyes fixed on two pivotal themes, Trump underscored what he perceives as the unfairness of prosecuting political opponents through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and continued to rally against alleged voter fraud, an issue that has persisted since the previous elections.

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals hosted a crucial hearing today to deliberate on the potential dismissal of the federal election case against Trump. At the heart of this legal showdown was Trump’s assertion of presidential immunity. However, true to courtroom tradition, cameras were barred from the proceedings, adding a layer of intrigue to the affair.

Departing from the hearing, Trump exuded confidence, hailing the concessions made as "very, very big, very powerful points." He wasted no time in taking a swipe at the Biden administration’s DOJ, insinuating that legal maneuvers were compensating for their dismal performance in the polls. Trump alleged, “They’re losing in every poll. They’re losing in almost every demographic… I think they feel this is the way they’re going to try and win. And that’s not the way it goes.”

In Trump’s view, the genuine threat to democracy lies in the DOJ’s actions, not in the claims of voter fraud he repeatedly champions. He reiterated his stance on "tremendous voter fraud" and criticized the media for what he perceived as insufficient coverage of these allegations.

Speculations abound that the 3-judge panel may have already formulated their decision, leaning towards supporting Judge Chutkan’s ruling that denies Trump immunity from criminal prosecution. While it appears definitive, there remains a slim chance the panel might assert they lack jurisdiction, deeming the appeal premature—an instance of “Sorry, wrong place, wrong time” for Trump.

Nevertheless, Trump and his legal team are charting a course toward the Supreme Court, potentially seeking another stay to halt proceedings or enforce a lower court’s order temporarily, should the tide turn against them. The legal saga continues unabated.

Adding fuel to the political fire, a recent CBS News/YouGov poll revealed a staggering 64% of US adults believe Trump should not be exempt from criminal prosecution for his actions during his presidency. Even within the Republican ranks, a solid 69% support legal action against Trump.

The poll paints a picture of widespread public backing for charges related to the election against Trump. This isn’t merely a ripple; it’s a resounding wave of dissent against Trump's immunity claim. The court of public opinion appears to have its own distinct verdict.





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