Justice Slams Loudoun Boss: Guilty in Trans Rape Cover-Up Scandal!

In a rare moment of sanity, a former Loudoun County superintendent has been found guilty of retaliation after attempting to cover up a rape. Scott Ziegler now faces up to a year in prison and associated fines. The jury found Ziegler guilty of using his position to retaliate against a teacher who had disclosed mishandling of sexual assault in her classroom to Virginia investigators. Ziegler was convicted of using his official position to retaliate against someone for exercising their rights but was acquitted of punishing someone for testifying to a jury.

This case stems from the rape of a female student by a boy in a dress in 2021. The school district policy allowing transgender students to use the girls’ bathroom played a role in the incident. Multiple school board officials allegedly worked together to cover up the rape, leading to the arrest and charging of the father of the raped girl when he demanded accountability at a school board meeting. Thankfully, he was eventually pardoned by Governor Glenn Youngkin.

Ziegler got into legal trouble when he fired a special education teacher for sharing details of the rape with a grand jury, furthering the cover-up. While his ultimate punishment is still unknown, this case serves as a strong step towards holding accountable those in the education system who prioritize far-left ideologies over the safety and rights of students. Hopefully, this verdict serves as a deterrent to other officials who may consider engaging in similar cover-ups.

This is also a significant win for Governor Youngkin as Republicans head into an important off-year election in Virginia. Youngkin had promised to investigate the matter, and now justice has been served. This serves as a reminder to everyone of why elections matter and the importance of electing leaders who will prioritize the safety and well-being of students over political ideologies.

It is outrageous that school district officials would cover up a rape in order to protect their far-left beliefs about transgenderism. This case highlights the need for stronger accountability measures and a realignment of priorities within the education system. It is refreshing to see justice being served, and it is my hope that this verdict sends a clear message to other officials who may be tempted to put ideology before the safety of students.

Written by Staff Reports

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