Why RFK Jr’s Begs for Secret Service Guards Keep Getting Denied: Uncovered!

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. seems to be having no luck in his quest for Secret Service protection. Despite facing obvious threats from known entities, the White House keeps shooting him down every time he asks for help from Secret Service agents. What’s even more baffling is that other presidential candidates have received this kind of protection without any issues. It’s a classic case of “you can’t win for losing.”

Thankfully, Judicial Watch, a legal watchdog organization, has come to the rescue. They obtained 11 pages of Secret Service records that shed some light on this constant denial of protection for RFK Jr. Despite receiving numerous threats from “known subjects,” he still isn’t considered worthy of Secret Service assistance. Maybe they think he can handle it himself?

In addition to the threats, the documents also raise concerns about RFK Jr.’s family history with assassinations and his controversial stances on issues like vaccines. These factors indicate that he might be at risk for being targeted by violent actors. But apparently, that’s not enough to convince the powers that be that he needs protection.

To add insult to injury, RFK Jr. has been publicly airing his frustrations with the Biden administration on social media. He claims that he requested Secret Service protection a whopping 88 days ago and has yet to receive a response. In the past, this type of request has been granted within a couple of weeks, so the delay is certainly suspicious. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas finally spoke up and said that Kennedy doesn’t need the protection. Who needs Secret Service when you have such a caring government?

This isn’t the first time Kennedy has requested help after a scary incident. When a man posing as a police officer approached him on the campaign trail, Kennedy once again asked for Secret Service protection. And once again, he was denied. It’s almost as if they want him to be in danger.

It’s clear that something fishy is going on here. Why does the White House keep turning down RFK Jr.? And why are they ignoring the legitimate threats and incidents that he has faced? Judicial Watch is determined to get to the bottom of this by filing a Freedom of Information request. Maybe then we’ll find out the real reason behind these constant denials. In the meantime, Kennedy continues to face an increased threat environment while he campaigns to defeat President Joe Biden. It’s truly a shame that his safety isn’t being taken seriously.

Written by Staff Reports

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