RFK Jr. Defies Dems, Runs as Independent: Exposing Radical Left’s Dirty Tactics!

In a shocking turn of events, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the late RFK, has announced that he will be running as an Independent candidate in the 2024 election. Kennedy has reportedly grown frustrated with the Democratic Party and believes that they are purposely changing the rules to exclude him from running as a Democrat. Well, good for him! It takes a true independent spirit to break away from the herd of left-wing radicals.

Kennedy’s campaign team has some interesting plans up their sleeves. They are allegedly going to launch “attack ads” against the Democratic National Committee. Talk about throwing punches! Kennedy wants to pave the way for his announcement by exposing the DNC’s dirty tactics. It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to the establishment and fight for what they believe in.

One thing that Kennedy has been vocal about is his opposition to the Democratic Party’s strict COVID mandates. He’s been calling them out for their Marxist and authoritarian tendencies. Bravo, Kennedy! It’s about time someone speaks up against these power-hungry Democrats who think they can control every aspect of our lives. We need leaders who value freedom and individual choice, not government overreach.

Of course, the Left has been quick to label Kennedy as an “anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist.” How predictable. Whenever someone dares to question the mainstream narrative, they are immediately attacked and smeared. But Kennedy is not one to back down. He knows that he doesn’t need to depend on President Biden to stay relevant. He’s got his own ideas and principles, and he’s not afraid to go against the status quo.

Even House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries has joined the chorus of critics, calling Kennedy’s campaign a “false flag operation.” It seems like the Democrats are threatened by anyone who doesn’t toe the party line. But Kennedy is no puppet. He’s an independent thinker who has his own agenda, and that agenda is not aligned with the Biden administration. It’s no wonder that former President Trump has praised Kennedy as a common-sense guy. It’s always encouraging to see bipartisan support for candidates who are willing to shake things up.

Despite the criticism from the Left, Kennedy has received a warm welcome from conservative outlets who appreciate his willingness to challenge the Democrats. He’s been a popular guest on right-leaning shows, where he’s been able to criticize Biden and the far-left policies that are being pushed. While Kennedy may not be a Republican, he’s certainly helping conservatives spin the narrative and bring attention to the issues that matter to Republican voters. We need more voices like his in the political landscape.

Finally, let’s not forget the recent poll that asked New Hampshire Democrats to describe Kennedy in one word. The responses were quite telling. Words like “crazy,” “dangerous,” and “conspiracy” were thrown around. It’s clear that the Democrats are running scared. Instead of engaging in a fair debate of ideas, they resort to name-calling and personal attacks. But Kennedy is not intimidated. He’s ready to fight for what he believes in and challenge the status quo. And that’s exactly the kind of leader we need in these uncertain times.

Written by Staff Reports

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