Kamala Harris Can’t Define Her Own Role as Vice President

Another day, another controversy for Vice President Kamala Harris who recently stumbled over a simple question on CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. When asked by the liberal host to define the role of the vice president, Harris struggled to answer and instead rambled on about President Joe Biden. This unsurprising and unfortunate display is just further proof that the Biden Administration is in over their heads and has no clue what they are doing.

During the interview, Colbert pointed out the ambiguous responsibilities of the position, which was portrayed in the HBO show Veep, a series that Harris loves. It is concerning that the Vice President has to rely on a fictional TV show to understand her own job. However, even after acknowledging the comparison, Harris failed to provide a coherent answer to the question. Her only response centered around her partnership with Joe Biden and her admiration for him.

Despite her inability to answer the question, she went on to provide an example of her current duties, which was attending the Munich Security Conference and condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While it is essential to address and condemn acts against humanity, it does not provide clarification on the vice president’s responsibilities. It only shows that Harris is not equipped to handle the pressures of the job.

Furthermore, Harris’s countless embarrassing blunders and gaffes have become viral, and it is understandable why people are disappointed in her performance as vice president. According to recent polls, nearly 50 percent of Americans disapprove of Harris’s job as vice president. These disapproval ratings only continue to grow as her perceived incompetence and lack of transparency becomes more apparent. Biden and Harris are failing to meet the expectations of the American people and are setting a dangerous precedent for our country’s future.

In conclusion, Harris’s inability to define her role as vice president further emphasizes the lack of leadership and competence within the Biden Administration. It is crucial to be transparent and clear with the American people about what this administration is doing, but Harris’s inability to explain her job only raises more concerns. The American people deserve better than a bumbling vice president and a president that cannot seem to provide straightforward answers.

Written by Staff Reports

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