French Leader Ignites MASSIVE Protests After Authoritarian Move

The recent move by President Emmanuel Macron to implement Article 49.3 of the Constitution, enabling him to pass a pension measure that is passionately opposed without the people's consent, has upset the French people. Several people have called on Macron to resign as a result of this move, which has generated a surge of protests throughout the nation.

France's citizens, who fiercely defend their right to retire with a full pension at age 62, have reacted angrily to the proposed pension reform legislation. Yet, Macron has decided to disregard popular opinion and approve the measure without a legislative vote.

In reaction to Macron's choice, Marine Le Pen, the head of the National Rally party, demanded that he resign. "After the Prime Minister just gave the French people a slap in the face by forcing a reform they don't want, I think Elisabeth Borne should go," Le Pen wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

The French people have reacted angrily and impatiently to the plan to bypass parliament. Hundreds of people protested in the streets, and their voices were clearly heard. After Borne revealed the decision, opposition members jeered, and several MPs in the lower chamber started singing the national song. The session was put on hold for two minutes as the reaction of left-leaning legislators prevented Borne from speaking.

It is evident that the French people strongly disapprove of Macron's intention to ignore parliament and pass the pension reform measure without a vote. This is simply another illustration of the EU-centered tyranny that is overtaking Europe and ignoring the will of the people and not listening to their voices. Macron needs to respect the demands of the people and listen to them, or else he should resign from his post.

Written by Staff Reports

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