Kamala Harris Crashes Team USA Practice for Photo-Ops and Platitudes

Kamala Harris decided to take a break from her regular political antics and made a surprise visit to Team USA’s basketball practice in Las Vegas. Just two weeks before the Olympics, Harris swooped in for some much-needed photo-ops, hoping to bask in the glow of NBA stars like Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

Of course, the Vice President didn’t waste the opportunity to dish out the tired political platitudes. She told the team she was proud of them and urged them to beat Canada and bring home the gold. As if these elite athletes needed a pep talk from a career politician.

Tuesday’s practice wrapped up with Harris watching from the sidelines, complete with selfies and staged conversations. Harris and Curry had a chat that surely will go down as the most riveting moment of her day. Head Coach Steve Kerr, who should probably focus on the game rather than political grandstanding, mentioned that Harris’s visit reminded them of their patriotic duty, as if the players weren’t already aware they were representing their country.

Harris, a self-proclaimed Warriors fan, couldn’t resist bringing up basketball rivalries, joking with Steve Kerr about her support for the Warriors over the First Gentleman’s Lakers allegiance. Nothing says inspirational leadership quite like fan banter straight out of a barroom discussion.

Meanwhile, Assistant Coach Erik Spoelstra added to the chorus of praises, noting that Harris reminded everyone of the big responsibility they carry. One wonders if this responsibility to win translates to other areas where the current administration could step up their game.

Team USA, favorites to clinch the gold in Paris this year, probably will just stick to what they do best—playing basketball—while politicians like Harris continue to leverage athletes’ achievements for their own agendas.

Written by Staff Reports

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