Democrats Fret as Rep. Phillips Slams Biden Leadership After Debate Disaster

It seems Democrats are now hitting the panic button as Rep. Dean Phillips’ “I-told-you-so” moment arrives. The Minnesota Democrat, who attempted a kamikaze mission to dethrone President Joe Biden in the primaries, claims his fellow party members are secretly wishing they had taken his campaign more seriously.

And why shouldn’t they be? President Biden, at an impressive yet questionable 81 years old, has just about everyone wondering if this was a rerun of Weekend at Bernie’s. Biden’s latest debate performance against former President Trump only solidified the growing list of doubts. Watching Biden stumble and bumble was about as inspiring as a root canal, and whispers among the Democrats about his cognitive and physical fitness have turned into full-blown conversations.

Phillips didn’t hold back when expressing his disappointment in the Democratic leadership for overlooking his campaign. He spoke about his so-called “mission of principle.” However, many would argue that the principle was less about leading the country and more about desperately grasping at relevancy. Even as he admitted he was never in it to win it, you can’t help but picture him like a high school football coach who’s trying to fire up a team that’s down by fifty at halftime.

As if the Biden circus needed more clowns, several House Democrats are reportedly hinting it’s time for Joe to hang up his hat. The message couldn’t be clearer—Biden is about as popular as a skunk at a garden party. Even Sen. Michael Bennet casually dropped to CNN that he doesn’t believe Biden is fit to win come November. Well, isn’t that a ray of sunshine for the Biden camp?

Meanwhile, Phillips took heat from his own squad, facing off against big names like Sen. Tina Smith and Gov. Gavin Newsom, who all but rolled their eyes at his so-called noble effort. It’s like being told by your drill sergeant that participation trophies are for quitters.

Democrats are stuck between a rock and Joe Biden’s teleprompter. With such tepid support for a second term, the party might have to start hoping Trump stumbles at the finish line. Until then, they’ll be muttering “What if?” every time Uncle Joe loses his train of thought.

Written by Staff Reports

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