Stephanopoulos Doubts Biden’s 2024 Run, Throws Dems Into Panic

The recent encounter between George Stephanopoulos and a random New Yorker has set the Biden campaign collapse tracker on fire. When Stephanopoulos, a seasoned ABC News anchor known for his ties to the Clintons, openly expressed doubt about Biden serving four more years, even the most liberal Democrats had to take notice.

Stephanopoulos, whose history as a loyal Dem hack is well-documented, surprisingly admitted that he doesn’t believe Biden can survive another term. This candid moment, caught on video by a passerby and shared globally, provided a rare glimpse of truth in the sea of political spin.

While Stephanopoulos attempted to do some damage control by clarifying that his remarks were personal and not reflective of ABC News, the timing couldn’t have been worse for the struggling Biden campaign. As internal party dissent grows and talk of Biden stepping down for Harris resurfaces, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Biden may be stuck in the driver’s seat, thanks in part to the unwavering support of his wife, Jill Biden.

Despite the attempts to downplay Stephanopoulos’ remarks and the ongoing denial within the Democratic Party, the reality remains that the Biden campaign is facing significant challenges. The consensus seems to be that neither Biden nor Harris is going anywhere, much to the dismay of some Democrats desperately hoping for a change in leadership.

As the Biden Campaign Collapse Tracker continues to tick upwards, it’s clear that even those within the Democrat ranks are acknowledging the grim situation they find themselves in. Stephanopoulos may have unintentionally sparked a moment of truth, revealing cracks in the facade of the Biden administration’s supposed strength and unity.

Written by Staff Reports

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