Karl Rove Agrees Trump Right to Run Amid Biden Debate Struggles and Sinking Poll Numbers

Longtime conservative strategist Karl Rove, who previously doubted former President Donald Trump’s ability to defeat President Joe Biden, has had a change of heart. Rove now believes that Biden’s recent poor performance in debates has proven Trump’s decision to run was justified.

Speaking on Fox News, Rove expressed that Biden’s insistence on staying in the race despite plummeting poll numbers has only fueled support for Trump. Rove noted that the polls are indicating a widening lead for Trump, attributing this to the public’s long-standing concerns about Biden’s age and effectiveness as a leader.

Recent polls, such as one conducted by The New York Times/Sienna and another by The Wall Street Journal, have shown Trump with a significant lead over Biden. Despite these numbers, Biden has shown no sign of wavering in his determination to stay in the race, even joking that not even divine intervention could make him reconsider.

Rove’s remarks underscore the growing sentiment among conservatives that Trump’s decision to run for re-election was the right one, given Biden’s struggles and the enthusiasm for Trump’s policies. As the race heats up, it remains to be seen how Biden’s steadfastness will fare against Trump’s momentum in the eyes of American voters.

Written by Staff Reports

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