Kamala Harris Peddles Fear on Roe Anniversary Biden Campaign Spreads More Trump Abortion Lies

June 24th marks the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark Dobbs ruling overturning the atrocity that was Roe v. Wade, and Vice President Kamala Harris is out there hitting the fearmongering circuit in Arizona and Maryland. What a way to celebrate, huh?

According to Axios, the Biden campaign is shamelessly seizing on this moment to once again falsely accuse former President Trump of pushing for a national abortion ban. It’s just another desperate attempt to divert attention from the daily debacle that is the Biden administration – from his embarrassing gaffes and mishaps to the disastrous economy and the surge in violent crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Of course, we know Trump has never advocated for a national ban on abortion. In fact, he’s been quite compassionate towards women facing unplanned pregnancies while also taking credit for appointing the justices who helped make the Dobbs decision possible. Let’s not forget, it’s the true radicals who advocate for barbaric late-term abortions, even up to the moment of birth.

During a recent meeting with congressional Republicans, Trump rightly emphasized the importance of talking about abortion in a way that respects life and supports state-level solutions. It’s clear that the Democrats are the real extremists here, advocating for the slaughter of innocent babies in the womb at any stage.

So, as Kamala Harris ramps up her scare tactics and the Biden campaign tries to push their tired narrative, let’s not forget who the real radicals are in this debate. Democrats want to play politics with human lives, while conservatives stand for common sense solutions that protect the unborn and uphold the sanctity of life. Bring it on, Democrats. The American people see through your deceitful tactics.

Written by Staff Reports

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