White House Evasive When Questioned on Biden’s Cognitive Health

In a recent White House Press Briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre, who appears to be Biden’s chief propaganda pusher, was asked a simple question about the President’s cognitive health. Despite the seemingly straightforward nature of the question, Jean-Pierre was oddly evasive in her response.

The exchange came about when Newsmax reporter James Rosen pressed Jean-Pierre to confirm that Biden is in good cognitive health. Instead of a clear yes or no answer, Jean-Pierre resorted to deflecting the question and spewing out White House talking points about Biden’s supposed accomplishments.

It’s rather telling that Jean-Pierre couldn’t bring herself to definitively state that Biden is mentally sound. One can only speculate as to why she avoided a direct response, but it’s no secret that Biden’s mental acuity has been a subject of concern for many Americans.

The White House’s strategy of dismissing videos highlighting Biden’s senior moments as “cheap fakes” doesn’t hold water when faced with the reality of what’s being captured on camera. Attempts to gaslight the public into believing these videos are somehow altered fall flat in the face of the glaring evidence presented.

With the mainstream media seemingly falling in line with the White House’s narrative, it wouldn’t be surprising if efforts to censor or discredit reports addressing Biden’s cognitive decline ramp up. This poses a potential threat to conservative journalism’s ability to operate freely and provide vital information to the public.

As Biden’s mental acuity continues to be a point of contention, it’s clear that the White House is not keen on addressing the elephant in the room. The American people deserve transparency and honesty, not dodgy answers and diversion tactics when it comes to the fitness of their Commander-in-Chief.

Written by Staff Reports

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