Kamala Harris Stumps Hosts with Bizarre ‘Culture’ Rant at Essence Fest!

Kamala Harris, Vice President and renowned word salad enthusiast, has done it again with her mind-boggling performance at the Essence Festival of Culture in New Orleans. It seems that Harris has taken the art of confusing and confounding her audience to a whole new level, leaving even the hosts scratching their heads in bewilderment.

Harris, who has mastered the ability to string together an impressive array of words that sound meaningful but actually make no sense at all, was asked about the importance of culture in taking action and protecting rights. Her response? Well, let’s just say it was a classic Harris word salad.

According to Harris, culture is a reflection of our moment in time and a way for us to express how we’re feeling about that moment. She also emphasized the importance of finding joy in the morning, which left everyone wondering if she was talking about breakfast or something completely unrelated.

It’s moments like these that make you wonder how Harris is considered a key player in the Biden-Harris campaign’s plan for reelection. I mean, if she can’t even make sense at a cultural festival, how can she be expected to make sense when it comes to governing our country?

But hey, maybe I’m missing something here. Perhaps there is a hidden brilliance in Harris’ word salad that only the most enlightened among us can decipher. Or maybe, just maybe, she’s simply lacking in substance and relies on vague and nonsensical statements to avoid answering any real questions.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Harris’ word salad is becoming a recurring theme in her public appearances. And it’s not a particularly reassuring one for those who are looking for a leader who can communicate clearly and effectively.

So, Kamala, keep the word salad coming. The more you confuse and befuddle, the more obvious it becomes that there are serious shortcomings in your ability to lead. And for that, we can all be grateful.

Source= RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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