Kamala Slams GOP Over Border Issue, Gets Boomeranged By Own Blunder!

Oh boy, here we go again! Kamala Harris is at it once more, trying to attack Republicans and failing miserably. In a recent interview, she stumbled and fumbled her way through a discussion on the border crisis, proving just how clueless she really is.

First things first, let’s talk about how the border is a mess thanks to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They undid all the good work that Donald Trump had done, including stopping the completion of the wall. And get this, they even paid millions of taxpayer dollars NOT to finish it! Can you believe that? That’s the kind of protection and national defense we get with these two in charge.

But back to the interview. Kamala Harris was asked about states like Texas sending illegal aliens to her doorstep. Now, you would think she would be upset about this, right? After all, she lives near the Naval Observatory, and having a bunch of illegal aliens dropped off in your backyard can’t be pleasant. But instead of addressing the concerns of the American people, she babbled on about how people shouldn’t be used as pawns and how sending them across the country was irresponsible.

Well, Kamala, let me set the record straight. It’s not about playing politics or being irresponsible. It’s about protecting our borders and enforcing our laws. These illegal aliens are not fleeing great harm, as you claim. Most of them are coming here for economic reasons, plain and simple. And if you were doing your job and addressing the root causes of illegal immigration, you would already know that.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. Kamala seems to have an issue with these illegal aliens being sent to Washington, D.C. But last time I checked, D.C. is a sanctuary city, right? So shouldn’t she be welcoming these people with open arms? Shouldn’t she be inviting them into her own house and taking care of them? But no, instead she tries to shift the blame onto Republicans and accuse them of not being leaders. Well, Kamala, if anyone’s not being a leader here, it’s you and Joe Biden. You were put in charge of the border crisis, and yet you’ve done nothing to solve it. In fact, you’ve only made it worse.

It’s time for a change, folks. We can’t afford to have clueless leaders in charge any longer. We need someone who will actually secure the border and put an end to this crisis. Let’s make sure Kamala Harris and Joe Biden get the boot in 2024, for this reason alone, and all the other reasons that make it clear they’re not fit to lead.

Written by Staff Reports

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