Kamala’s Border Remarks Slam GOP, but She’s the One Left Bruised!

During a recent interview with Linsey Davis, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, showed a level of insensitivity when discussing the border crisis. She was asked about the influx of illegal aliens into Texas, which some within the party believe is a problem. Harris stated that it was irresponsible for the government to send these people to the states for political purposes. Most of them reportedly fled the country.

It's hypocritical for Harris to criticize states that are doing the same thing that the Biden administration is doing. They're sending illegal immigrants to various locations, such as New York's Westchester, at night. It seems that they only started noticing the situation at the border after governors started addressing the issue.

According to Harris, most illegal immigrants are fleeing tremendous harm, but this is not the case. The majority are seeking economic opportunities rather than escaping terrible situations. Her utter ignorance on this subject is truly astonishing. Since she is reportedly focused on finding solutions to the root causes of the issue, her lack of comprehension is truly alarming.

If Washington DC is regarded as a sanctuary city, why does Harris have an issue with the influx of illegal immigrants into her home town? If she truly values the well-being of the people in this city, why doesn't she invite them to her house and provide them with a warm welcome? Her lack of comprehension also raises questions about her political motivations.

The border crisis can be solved by securing it. Unfortunately, the Biden administration did not carry out the same actions that Donald Trump ordered. Their lack of commitment shows that they're more concerned with leaving the border open rather than addressing the issue.

As the person tasked with finding a solution to the border crisis, Harris has failed to do so. Her attack on Republicans backfired and highlighted her own ineffectiveness, which is why both Biden and Harris should be removed from office in 2024. It's time for real leaders to step up and take action.

Written by Staff Reports

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