Kari Lake Jokes About “Clinton Body Count,” Left Outraged

During an interview, Kari Lake, a former candidate for Arizona's governor, made a joke about the so-called conspiracy theory that suggests that people who encounter the Clintons end up dead. Although this joke has been around for decades, Newsweek did not take kindly to Lake's comments and did not show any humor. It's as if they find it impossible to laugh at such jokes aimed at the former president and first lady.

During an interview with Conrad Reynolds, Lake discussed how she was criticized during her run for president in 2022. She said that, initially, she was amused by how Hillary Clinton referred to her during her speech. But, after realizing what was happening, she exclaimed that it was not funny.

When Hillary Clinton mentioned Lake, she paused and made it clear she was fine. She also stated that her car's brakes were working, and she wasn't suicidal. It's understandable that she would react this way since she's on the Clintons' radar.

The "Clinton Body Count" theory, which is also referred to as Arkancide, emerged during the 1990s. It suggests that many individuals who were closely associated with the Clintons have died mysteriously and are often labeled as suicides or accidents. Some of the prominent individuals mentioned in the list included Ron Brown and Vince Foster, who were allegedly involved in the White House's scandals. Over time, the number of deaths that have been considered suspicious by the conspiracy theorists has continued to increase.

The theory was re-ignited in 2016 after Seth Rich, a staff member of the Democratic National Committee, was killed. It was initially reported that he was the victim of an attempted robbery. It was then speculated that he was murdered because of his role in leaking the DNC's emails to WikiLeaks.

The Daily Beast and Vox have been trying to debunk the theory, especially after the journalist who uncovered Bill Clinton's meeting with Lynch committed suicide.

Lake's clarification: She was not accusing Newsweek of trying to "Arkancide" her. She made the joke about the Clintons' connection, and she was not referring to the conspiracy theory as a whole. The Newsweek staff, on the other hand, seemed incapable of appreciating humor, especially when it's aimed at the former president and the first lady.

It's ironic that despite the number of strange and unusual circumstances that have occurred around the Clintons, the media is still quick to dismiss any suggestion of a murder conspiracy. As conservatives, we prefer to rely on objective reporting and not liberal agendas.

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