Biden Tackles NY Traffic: NJ Strikes Back with Major Lawsuit!

In response to the proposed congestion reduction plan in New York City, New Jersey sued the administration of Joe Biden on Friday. According to Governor Phil Murphy, the plan will only worsen the state's air pollution and emissions.

According to Murphy, the FHWA and DOT's plan goes against environmental regulations. It shifts the emissions from New York to nearby New Jersey, which allows the state to profit from this situation.

The plan calls for a toll increase of up to $23 for commuters entering Manhattan during the day and up to $12 at night. This will supposedly bring in around $1 billion for the city and force drivers to take alternate routes.

In response, Governor Murphy criticized the Federal Highway Administration for fast-tracking the approval of the tolling project, which he claims will only benefit the private sector at the expense of the families in New Jersey. He also noted that the project will not offer any mitigation measures and will lead to more pollution and traffic in the state.

Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey supports Murphy's position on the issue. He called the congestion tax plan a "shakedown" and demanded its rejection. Other local officials and business groups also opposed the plan.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams supported the plan, as it will provide his city with a billion dollars while New Jersey deals with its pollution.

The exact reasons behind Biden's support for the plan remain unclear. However, it's not surprising that he would support a plan that focuses more on the appearance of being environmentally friendly than on addressing the issue's root causes.

Written by Staff Reports

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