Key Swing States Show Increased Support for Trump in 2024 Race

In order for a president to be reelected, they usually need to expand their support beyond what they had before. Right now, Joe Biden is facing challenges in keeping his coalition together. Not only is he at risk of losing states he won in 2020, but some states that typically vote Democrat are looking competitive for Trump.

States like Nevada, which hasn’t voted Republican since 2004, and Virginia, which has been blue since 2004, are showing signs of possibly leaning towards Trump this time around. In Maine, a traditionally Democratic state, recent polls suggest Trump could win there too. 


Another state to watch is Minnesota, where Trump recently attended an event and voiced confidence in winning the state. Despite not voting Republican since 1972, there have been shifts in the region towards the GOP in recent elections. Biden won Minnesota by a good margin in 2020, but current polls show a much closer race.

Trump’s campaign is optimistic about their chances in Minnesota, while some Democrats downplay the possibility of Trump winning the state. It seems like Biden’s campaign is playing defense in Minnesota while also trying to gain ground in North Carolina.

Overall, these trends suggest a challenging reelection path for Biden, especially if Trump continues to gain support in key states.

Written by Staff Reports

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