Trump Demands Drug Test for Biden Ahead of Debates as Questions Arise About Fitness

Oh, boy, brace yourselves for some White House drama! The buzz around town is whether President Joe Biden is getting a little extra help to prep for the presidential debates. Former President Donald Trump is all fired up, demanding a drug test for Biden. According to Trump, Biden was all loopy during a prior speech, and Trump thinks he was on cloud nine, if you catch his drift. Trump’s like, “No way, Jose! We’re gonna need a drug test before these debates kick off!”

The White House is playing it cool, not confirming or denying if Biden is taking anything to boost his performance. They basically told Republicans to take a chill pill and stop being so scared of Biden’s State of the Union skills. They think the GOP is mistaking Biden’s confidence for something else. Biden’s former chief of staff is even helping him gear up for the debates, but no word on any shady substances being used in their practice sessions.

And get this, folks – a bunch of Democrats have their doubts about Biden’s mental fitness. A recent survey spilled the tea that many Americans are worried about Biden’s health, both physically and mentally. The polls are showing that most voters don’t think Biden is fit for a second term in the Oval Office. It’s like a wild rollercoaster of opinions out there!

Biden seems to be playing it smart, though. He’s picking and choosing when to go head-to-head with Trump on the debate stage. The showdown is set for June and September, with some big names hosting the event. Trump’s raring to go and wants more debates, but Biden’s playing hard to get. Who will come out on top? Stay tuned for more juicy updates on this political thriller!

Written by Staff Reports

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