Kinzinger’s Unhinged Rant Twists GOP Speaker Into Bin Laden Twin

Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger recently made some wild claims about House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) during a guest appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO program. Kinzinger suggested that Speaker Johnson shares similarities with Taliban extremists and even compared him to the notorious Bin Laden. The former DNC chair, Donna Brazile, also chimed in, expressing her upset over Johnson’s election and making some snarky remarks about his political views.

Kinzinger went on to tell Maher’s audience that Johnson tried to get him to sign on to a “Texas lawsuit,” in reference to the lawsuit questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election results. Kinzinger dismissed Johnson’s request, calling the lawsuit “insane.” He even shared a juicy tidbit about their limited interactions, making it clear that Johnson is not someone he considers a friend.

Later in the conversation, Kinzinger compared Johnson’s representation of Christian nationalism to the Taliban’s religious beliefs, insinuating that both seek to implement their respective religious views into their government. This outrageous comparison drew applause from Maher’s audience, as Kinzinger boldly claimed that there is “no difference” between Christian nationalism and the Taliban.

It’s clear that Kinzinger’s comments are nothing more than baseless, partisan attacks on a Republican representative. Drawing comparisons to the Taliban and Bin Laden is as absurd as it gets. It seems like making outlandish statements is just another day at the office for Kinzinger and his pals on the left.

Written by Staff Reports

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