Xi Jinping Meetup Exposes Biden’s Age Vulnerability – Yet Again!

President Joe Biden’s recent meeting with Xi Jinping of China was nothing short of disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. The lengths that Biden and his fellow Democrats went to appease the Chinese Communist Party were truly astonishing. They even cleaned up the city of San Francisco just for Xi’s visit. It’s clear that Biden, who is about to turn 82-years-old, is not only our oldest president but also the least effective.

Senator Ted Cruz and Ben Ferguson discussed the age factor and other issues surrounding the visit, describing it as a “red carpet welcome” and a “sad meeting of capitulation.” They pointed out that Biden has been an apologist for the Chinese Communists for the past 50 years, defending them and downplaying their aggressive actions. This meeting was all about politics and PR for Biden, not about standing up to China.

Furthermore, the senator emphasized Biden’s failure to address China’s culpability in the COVID-19 pandemic. There is overwhelming evidence that the virus escaped from a lab in China, and they covered it up while disappearing whistleblowers and doctors. Yet, Biden didn’t say a word about any of this during his meeting with Xi. It’s clear that Biden is not interested in defending our nation from its greatest enemy.

The symbolism of the meeting is also concerning. After exporting COVID-19 and causing significant damage to the global economy, Xi is now being welcomed with open arms by the Biden administration. This only emboldens China’s leader and raises questions about Biden’s ability to stand up to him, especially when it comes to the issue of Taiwan. Cruz warned that Xi must feel incredibly encouraged by Biden’s weak approach to foreign policy.

Cruz also addressed the broader implications of Biden’s weakness on the world stage. He stressed that strength is essential in preventing war, as weak leaders are more likely to face aggression. Biden’s appeasement of China and Iran, including the recent decision to extend a waiver allowing Iran to receive funds, sends a dangerous message to our enemies. It’s time for Biden to show some strength and protect our national security.

Biden’s meeting with Xi Jinping was a display of weakness and capitulation. It’s clear that Biden’s age and lack of effectiveness are significant factors in his inability to confront China and protect our nation’s interests. The world needs a strong leader, not someone who bends down and kisses the ass of dictators. Biden must step up and show some backbone before it’s too late.

Written by Staff Reports

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