Latest Ratings Prove Liberal Media Is Crashing And Burning

The liberal media is in the garbage can as new ratings come in and reveal what is actually going on, and the truth is winning all throughout America.

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After the election for president in 2020, it took some time for Fox News to recover its footing in the media landscape. It has once again established complete and utter superiority over the opposition.

The Western Journal has some writing.

However, the most recent ratings numbers were bolstered by former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who is now a full-time co-host on "Outnumbered." Although the network is home to a number of seasoned and highly-rated cable news stars, the network's ratings have been boosted by her.

According to Mediaite, McEnany and Faulkner's "Outnumbered" attracted close to 2 million views alone on Wednesday. The significance of such a figure was discussed in relation to daytime cable television, and the word "impressive" was used to characterise the audience.

CNN, on the other hand, pulled in 638,000 viewers, while MSNBC, on the other hand, brought in 685,000 viewers. Both of these numbers are ridiculous. The total viewership ratings of the network were not able to compete with McEnany's audience of 1.96 million viewers.

CNN is not immune to the ratings decline that the network is experiencing as it approaches the toilet bowl.

It was reported by Next News Network. If you have been following Next News Network, you are aware that we have been paying very close attention to the mass terminations that have been occurring over at CNN, as their network continues to regain legitimacy. If you have been following Next News Network, you are aware that we have been paying this attention. Now, as part of their ongoing attempt to prevent the network from being destroyed by flushing it down the drains, they are firing more and more personnel one by one.

A number of departures from CNN have been reported over the past few months in the wake of staffing adjustments that were announced by President Chris Licht. All of these pronouncements came at the same time as Licht's efforts to reorganise the network in order to create more news that is balanced between the two major political parties. These efforts were an apparent last-ditch effort to prevent the network from falling into oblivion.

In light of recent numbers, which show Fox News climbing to the top while MSNBC and CNN continue to languish, the days ahead for the leftist media are numbered. This merely demonstrates what conservatives have suspected all along, namely that the leftist media has been spreading lies and half-truths, whereas conservative news channels such as Fox News and the Next News Network report the news in an honest manner. One illustration of the success of the conservative movement in the culture war is the rise to prominence of characters such as Kayleigh McEnany, who demolish the talking points of the liberal movement with ease by using facts. The liberal media may have had sway for a period of time, but now that the American people have become more aware of the facts, they are moving away from the lies that have been propagated by these outlets. It is very evident that conservatives are emerging victorious in this conflict for people's hearts and minds.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Next News Network.

Written by Staff Reports

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