LOL: Biden WH Scrambling To Cover For His Latest Brainfart

It would appear that the White House is giving more weight to President Biden's statements in light of the fact that his gaffes will be remembered poorly in history.

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At this point, it is just sad because the White House has been caught changing what Vice President Biden has stated so many times that it has become routine. However, here we are once more, and this time the interns are making alterations to the official transcripts in order to make Biden sound more coherent. Just image if Trump did this.

Reports from the townhall.  On Monday, the White House made an attempt to clean up President Biden's misleading claim that his student loan rescue was enacted by Congress. The White House told Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich that President Biden was referring to the Inflation Reduction Act when he made his statement.

Lets check Biden's statement.

Jacqui Heinrich sent out a tweet with the following statement: Statement from the WH on Biden's claim about passing student loan forgiveness by a vote or two"— they explain that he was referring to the IRA, which decreased deficit in order to produce savings in order to pay for student loan cancellation.

The statement from the White House went as follows: The president was referring to the Inflation Reduction Act, which decreased the deficit by hundreds of millions of dollars, so allowing capacity for other essential projects.  You are aware that no Republicans voted in favor of the IRA in either the House or the Senate; there, it was only because Vice President Harris broke a tie vote that it was able to pass.

After a few moments, the White House was forced to issue a second clarification statement. In a subsequent tweet, Jacqui Heinrich said, WH official confirmed that they meant to say "billions" rather than millions in that statement.

Who knows if it's Biden or someone else behind the keyboard.

After the White House was discovered attempting to redefine the definition of a recession, this tale surfaced shortly thereafter.

Previously, Next News Network reported the news. Peter Doocy and Karine Jean-Pierre had a disagreement in July on the White House's attempt to change the definition of what constitutes a recession.

As President Biden's gaffes and errors continue to mount up, they have become a source of frustration for the White House. This most recent controversy started when he recently claimed that his plan to restructure student loans had been approved by Congress. By telling a second untruth, the White House was unable to rectify the situation, which led to widespread public outrage. It is becoming more and more obvious that Vice President Joe Biden is going crazy, and the idea that he is in command of the country is very unsettling. We are fortunate to have governors like Ron DeSantis who are doing an excellent job in their respective states, as well as other conservatives like Trump who are not afraid to call out BS when they see it. It is my sincere hope that they will be able to operate as a check and balance on the inept interns who are currently in charge of the White House.

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