Hillary BLASTED for Spreading Misinformation Regarding 2024 Election

Fox News reports that Hillary Clinton is disseminating a misleading and unsubstantiated information campaign about a pending Supreme Court case involving the presidential election of 2024. She claims that "Right Wing MAGA" Republicans are planning on "stealing" the election.

Clinton also noted that the Supreme Court could rule that state legislatures can overturn the results of elections.

According to legal experts, Clinton is intentionally amplifying and referencing misleading information about a case before the Supreme Court. This case, known as Moore v. Harper, is about whether a state court should have rejected the legislature's plan for congressional districts.

According to Carrie Severino, the president of JCN, Clinton is intentionally spreading false information about a case before the Supreme Court. She claims that the court could give states the power to overturn the results of elections.

The case, which is scheduled for oral argument on December 7, stems from a lawsuit filed by the North Carolina General Assembly, which is composed of Republicans. The court invalidated the state's congressional map after the 2020 census.

In their arguments, the North Carolina General Assembly's lawyers will argue that the Supreme Court has no power to interfere with the operations of state governments. They will also argue that the court did not consider the evidence that the new maps were designed to violate the state's constitution. Instead, it focused on the "free and fair" elections that the state had promised.

Clinton then made a leap from there, suggesting that if the court upholds the state's constitution, the presidential election of 2024 could be decided by the legislature in North Carolina.

Clinton noted that the presidential election of 2024 could be decided by the conservative state legislatures instead of the popular vote.

An election law expert at the University of Iowa said that Clinton's claims are false. The case before the Supreme Court does not allow state legislatures to overturn the results of an election. Derek Muller added that the former secretary of state is intentionally making misleading claims to raise money.

Besides the Supreme Court, other limitations prevent state legislatures from overruling the results of an election. These include Congress' power to set the time of the election and the protection of the voting rights of citizens.

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