A Disruptive Customer Meltdown in the McDonald’s Drive-Thru

An angry client who had a problem with his order at a Georgia McDonald's had a Big Mac-sized tantrum, during which he threw anything in sight at workers through the drive-thru window of the business.

According to footage that was released by the police in Waynesboro, Georgia on Monday, an unidentified man can be seen on video trying to reach into the drive-thru window of a fast food restaurant while wearing a basketball jersey for the Portland Trail Blazers and a white bucket hat. He then proceeds to wildly throw multiple objects toward the employees of the restaurant.

The man was seen on the camera grabbing and throwing two smaller cup containers, followed by three larger items that were roughly the size of garbage containers, with one of the larger items having its contents pour out.

At one point in the video, an employee can be seen making a futile effort to stop the man from wreaking even more havoc on the scene.

The identity of the fast food restaurant was not released by the police; however, Fox 5 Atlanta indicated that it was a McDonald's.

He allegedly lost it in the drive-thru of a neighborhood fast food restaurant because he decided his order wasn't to his liking.

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