Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene go to WAR Over the Next Speaker

Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, two far-right members of the House, clashed on Monday over the next speaker.

During a speech at a Turning Point USA event in Phoenix, Lauren Bobert criticized Marjorie Taylor Greene for supporting Kevin McCarthy for the speakership.

She also criticized Taylor Greene for her outlandish conspiracy theories. According to Lauren, she doesn’t believe in Jewish space laser technology. She referred to one of the conspiracy theories as being untrue.

Taylor Greene responded on Twitter, accusing Lauren of being a high school drama teacher. She also noted that Colorado’s Republican governor won re-election with a knife’s edge.

Taylor Greene claimed that she had donated to and supported Bobert. She also noted that President Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy had financially supported her.

After the midterm elections, Boebert declined to support Donald Trump’s bid for the 2024 presidential nomination. She also stated that she was a huge supporter of Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor.

As the House Republicans prepare to take back the majority in January, she has not yet decided on supporting McCarthy for the speakership. She stated that she would not support him unless there was a way to remove him from his position.

After breaking away from an alliance of far-right members of the House, Greene supported McCarthy for the speakership.

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