Trump Sets The Record Straight On Nick Fuentes

During the President's Conference at Trump National Doral, an annual gathering of Orthodox Jews was held. After giving a speech, Donald Trump criticized Nick Fuentes, who was an organizer of the event.

In an interview with the conservative news outlet, Trump was asked if he thought that the views of Nick Fuentes and his group had anything to do with the America First movement or the Republican Party.

Trump noted that he was not aware of West's previous anti-semitic statements until after the dinner. He also criticized the media for its coverage of the event.

Trump was criticized after he hosted a dinner for rapper Kanye West at his Mar.-a-Lago estate. Besides Nick Fuentes, West also brought Milo Yiannopoulos and Karen Giorno.

After the dinner, Trump released a statement to clarify that he knew both Nick Fuentes and West, and that he only hosted the event for West.

Although Trump knew West well, he didn't know about the individual who organized the event, Nick Fuentes. Trump also stated that he agreed to assist West with some advice and help after he called him. However, after a couple of days, he learned that West had made anti-Semitic statements. Trump maintained that the media should have focused on the positive aspects of the dinner instead of the negative ones.

When asked if his views on various issues, such as Holocaust denialism and anti-Semitism, had anything to do with Trump's political movement or the Republican Party, the former president stated that they did not.

“No, they don’t. Nobody does that has the wrong and ill will about people,” he said. “We don’t want ill will. But again, it was very unfairly covered. It was very, very unfairly covered.”

On November 15, Trump officially launched his presidential campaign for the 2024 election. He also stated that he would protect free speech.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann.

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