Texas Democrat URGES More Action On Southern Border

Democratic Representative from Texas, Veronica Escobar, urged the State Department to take a more direct approach to addressing the increasing number of migrants crossing the border illegally.

"According to Escobar, the federal government has been ignoring the growing number of migrants entering the country illegally as a border issue. She noted that this situation is a humanitarian crisis that is affecting all countries in the Western Hemisphere."

She noted that the State Department should be more direct in addressing the issue of the growing number of migrants entering the country illegally.

As she noted, FEMA in El Paso has been helping the community during the migrant surge. She went on to say that the agency, which she represents in Texas, has been helping the people of the country.

She also praised the efforts of FEMA, which has been providing financial assistance to local governments. She noted that the agency has been monitoring the situation in El Paso and has approved a large amount of money for the city.

According to the lawmaker, this week's expected end of Title 42 is a result of last month's ruling by a federal judge.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on News Max.

Written by Staff Reports

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