Lawsuit Threat Looms Over Midwest Trump Electors!

It has been reported that ten electors who voted for Donald Trump during the presidential election are in danger of being sued in Wisconsin. The electors, along with Trump's lawyers, are reportedly facing a civil lawsuit in the state. The case has been refused to be dismissed.

Two Democratic voters and a couple of electors are suing Donald Trump and certain members of his campaign, claiming that they were involved in a conspiracy to rig the election. They're seeking around $2.4 million in damages. They want to disqualify these individuals from future elections.

The trial for the case will be held in September 2024, which is about a month before the presidential election. The place where it will be conducted is known as Dane County, which went for Biden in the last election, and the defense may have a hard time winning.

Despite the lawsuit, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is confident that the case will be dismissed. Mark Jefferson, the party's executive director, said that the case will most likely come up short. On the other hand, prosecutors are also focused on identifying those who tried to undermine the country's democracy. Scott Thompson noted that the individuals who tried to do this should be held accountable.

According to a recent study, there has been no documented case involving electors who submitted an alternative slate to Congress. Similar instances occurred during the 1960 and 1876 elections, but no electr was prosecuted or investigated. In 1961, Richard Nixon, who was the vice president, went with an alternative slate of voters for Kennedy in Hawaii even though the other candidate claimed that he had won the state, as well.

It's astonishing that Richard Nixon did not face any federal charges. How did things change so suddenly?

The article doesn't talk about the legality of the alternative slates that were submitted by the electors. If it's not illegal, then it's not possible to make a case against them. But, hey, who needs legal precedent and facts when you're campaigning for political points? Let's get the show started!

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