Left-Wing Power Move: PAC Gunning to Dethrone Ted Cruz

In 2018, Ted Cruz managed to fend off the challenge from Beto O’Rourke and secure a victory for the Republicans. While some may not have found it surprising, there is now a political action committee (PAC) that aims to make Cruz’s re-election more difficult. This PAC, called Mothers Against Greg Abbott, was formed by Nancy Thompson in response to the Republican Governor’s anti-mask policies in 2021. Thompson’s organization has raised $1.6 million and has been distributing anti-Abbott lawn signs while criticizing his stance on abortion and school policies. Now, the PAC has even created a spinoff group called Mothers for Democracy, which will shift its focus to Cruz.

According to Thompson, Senator Cruz is not truly looking out for the best interests of Texas. She accuses him of caring more about voting against Joe Biden than actually representing the people of Texas. While this might just be Thompson’s opinion, it is clear that she is determined to make a significant impact in the upcoming elections.

Interestingly, this PAC is not solely focused on targeting Republicans. It also has its sights set on Democrat state Representative Shawn Thierry. Thompson disagrees with Thierry’s support for banning genital mutilation of minors and removing sexually explicit material from schools. She believes that Thierry lacks critical thinking skills and is disappointed in her inability to be trustworthy and consistent.

Furthermore, Thompson’s PAC will extend its reach beyond Texas and try to unseat Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. Thompson takes issue with Sinema, who was originally elected as a Democrat but left the party last year to sit as an independent. Thompson believes that Sinema consistently votes against Democratic issues, and she doesn’t appreciate when politicians run as Democrats yet fail to support the party’s values.

Clearly, Nancy Thompson and her PAC are determined to shake things up in the upcoming elections. Whether or not they will succeed in their mission remains to be seen, but their efforts demonstrate the passion and commitment present in the political landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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