Leftist Media SILENT On Attacks Against GOP Candidates

In October, the home of a Republican candidate for Congress came under fire. A bullet narrowly missed the children sleeping inside the house.

The incident, which is being investigated by the FBI, happened on October 18. Pat Harrigan, who is running for Congress in North Carolina’s 14th district, woke up to find bullets flying around his house.

The FBI is investigating the incident, which happened in North Carolina. The gunman reportedly shot into the home of the candidate’s relatives. One of the bullets narrowly missed the children sleeping inside the house.

The incident occurred on October 18 in the town of Hickory, which is located in the 14th Congressional District, which is a liberal area. Pat is running for an open seat.

The children, who were sleeping in the bedroom directly above the area where the shooting happened, were not able to wake up. The bullet came from a heavily wooded area behind the house.

Most people initially thought that the bullet that hit the house was a stray bullet. However, since it was late at night, it’s not clear if the incident was a hunting accident. More alarming is that the bullet came from the property that Pat owns. It’s believed that the shooter was trying to intimidate the candidate and his family.

Although Pat is a former military officer, he is facing a tough challenge from Democrat Jeff Jackson in the race for Congress. The former is expected to win the election.

The lack of coverage of this incident and the other attempted and violent attacks against Republican candidates have highlighted the need for more reporting on these types of crimes. Incidents such as these often demand a national conversation.

When a death threat is made against House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, we should stop using her name in our campaign ads. When a gunman tries to kill Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, no one suggests that the Democrats tone down their rhetoric about “end of democracy.” On the same day, Biden delivered another speech in which he claimed that Republicans are threatening the country, a man tried to punch Dan Bolduc, a Republican candidate for the Senate. The mainstream media did not even report the incident.

The media’s double standard regarding political violence has highlighted the need for more reporting on these types of crimes. The Democrats and the press only care about what can be used to influence the political narrative. If a person thinks that shooting a Republican is a good idea, then it’s national news. If it’s a joke, then it’s just ignored.

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