[VIDEO] Leftist Senator’s Lies Called Out In Fox Town Hall

Rep. Tim Ryan (Democratic Party of Ohio) and author J.D. Vance are in a dogfight for the Ohio Senate seat that will be vacated by Sen. Rob Portman when he leaves office (R-OH). If the Republicans want to win control of the Senate, they need to keep this seat and win additional ones elsewhere. According to what was stated here and here, Ryan did not do well in any of the previous two debates.

During a town hall on Tuesday hosted by Fox News, it appears that Ryan may have just walked on a large rake.

There seem to be a couple statements that he delivered that popped out and became troublesome for Ryan in more ways than one.

The first question addressed the issue that people not only in Ohio but all over the country were most concerned about, which was rising prices.

“Can you look me in the face and tell me that government expenditures on green energy subsidies through the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’…are in any way lessening my burden at the gas station and the grocery store?” the audience member asked. Ryan replied, “I could not say that.”

Ryan made the argument that there will be a drop in inflation at some point in the future, but I don't think anyone believed him, and even if they did, it would be of little consolation to Americans who are suffering right now.

Vance did not allow him to get off with it and stated that Biden's spending was directly responsible for inflation. A significant contributor to Biden's expenditures was Ryan.

Additionally, Ryan asserted that he had never, "not one time," urged for the defunding of ICE, which sounded a little bit like Bill Clinton denying that he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

Nevertheless, the most embarrassing part of the evening for Ryan was when he asserted, incorrectly, that a policeman had been murdered on January 6. Even though he is instantly called out and branded a "liar" by the audience at the town hall, he smiles because he believes that he is correct and that they are wrong. This is the pinnacle of insane thinking.

Ryan insisted, “We all watched the video.” There was no video of any police officer being killed because it didn’t happen. Instead of calling him out, the Fox hosts asked the audience to let him finish. Ryan said he was “happy to have this conversation,” thinking he was somehow schooling the ignorant Fox News audience (who knew far more than he did).

The following day, Brian Sicknick passed away due to natural causes, having suffered a stroke. However, for a number of months, the media perpetuated a variety of untrue claims regarding his passing.

Imagine, however, that this man, Tim Ryan, is convinced that he is correct and is smirking at the individuals who are trying to correct him. Why does this guy want to be in the Senate if he is going to lie about such fundamental facts? When you can't even get it right, let alone go on to try to smear Vance and every other Republicans because of it, you are not someone who can be trusted or who deserves a vote.

On top of that, a former Democratic lawmaker named Tulsi Gabbard backed Vance for the seat, calling Ryan a "warmonger" and stating that Vance, having served in the Marine Corps, was aware of the costs associated with war.

The average prediction at RealClearPolitics gives Vance a two-point lead over Ryan, with 47.3 percent, compared to 45.3% , I'm willing to guess that this debate did not assist Ryan's chances. It is never a good sign when you are singled out by the people in the audience.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

Written by Staff Reports

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