BREAKING: Ted Cruz Tells Elon To Bring Back Jordan Peterson!

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has called on Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, to reinstate Dr. Jordan Petersen.
Shortly after he took over Twitter, Musk said that those who were suspended for "suspicious or minor reasons" would be reinstated. He also noted that those who were sent to jail would be freed.

The statement was made in response to a request by Mikhaila Petersen, the daughter of Jordan Petersen. She wanted Musk to reinstate her father's account.

In response to Petersen's suspension in June, his daughter, Mikhaila, criticized Musk on Twitter. He had earlier stated that he was in the process of acquiring the social media platform. She demanded that her father would stop using Twitter until he deleted his post.

Petersen, a renowned psychologist and professor, was suspended from Twitter after he posted a message about Elliot Page, an actor who underwent a double mastectomy to relieve his gender dysphoria.

In his tweet, Petersen referred to Ellen Page's breasts being removed by a criminal doctor. He also said that pride was once a sin.

Twitter stated that Petersen violated its rules for hateful conduct. He used Page's given name, which is now known as Elliott, and referred to him as a woman. He also referred to the surgeon who operated on him as a criminal. It is not clear which of the three people who supposedly suspended him were responsible for his actions.

Dave Rubin, a fellow psychologist who has known Petersen for a long time, said that the psychologist would not remove the tweet that led to his suspension from Twitter. He noted that Petersen had told him that he would not delete the message.

He has criticized transgender activism for making sports look bad. In response to an article about a transgender athlete, Petersen said that it made a mockery of women's sports. The athlete, who is a member of the University of Pennsylvania's women's swim team, is referred to as Lia Thomas.

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