Herschel Walker SMACKS Back At Obama After Ugly Insult

It's no secret that Barack Obama doesn't like Donald Trump. However, it seems that he's not fond of Herschel Walker either. In this video, Obama tries to downplay Walker's chances of winning the presidential election. The former football star responds with an epic speech.

In Georgia, former President Barack Obama criticized Republican Senator Herschel Walker, who is facing off against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in a crucial Senate race.

After campaigning for his fellow Democrats last week, former President George W. Bush criticized Scott Walker, who was a former professional football player and college football star before he decided to run for office.

According to RedState, Walker delivered an honest and satirical response to Obama's criticisms. He didn't use a closed-captioning system or a note-taking device during his speech.

Obama should go back to Martha's Vineyard and leave Georgia politics to his Hollywood friends. The Democrats are desperate for votes, and they have been attacking Walker, who is a successful businessman and athlete, because he wants to serve his community. The former president's attempt to imply that Walker is a celebrity candidate shows how out of touch he is with the real world.

Despite being criticized by Obama, Walker has been able to prove himself time and again. He didn't even try to dignify his comments with a response. Instead, he delivered an impressive and honest response, which shows that he's still capable of making a difference in the political field. It's believed that Obama will eventually become irrelevance due to his negative actions.

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