Leftists Target Black GOP Nominee: Racism or Desperation?

It’s been a week of leftist racism, as they attack black Republicans for not falling in line with their political views. First, the ladies of “The View” went after Justice Clarence Thomas and Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), and now Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron is being targeted for his Republican nomination for governor. Leftist Joe Gerth’s subscribers-only column, “Does choice of Daniel Cameron for governor mean Kentucky Republicans aren’t racist?” is a vile and baseless attack on not only Cameron but also the Republican Party and citizens in Kentucky.

Gerth cites a letter to the editor from Gregory Winborn of Paducah, who wrote, “If Republicans are so racist, how can we vote for a black man?” Gerth then claims that Cameron “essentially said the same thing [as Winborn] in his acceptance speech on Tuesday.” However, the smear-piece doesn’t stop there; Gerth proceeds to misquote Cameron’s speech to fit his own agenda and claims that the Republican Party only “us[es] the MLK quote that Republicans love,” as if Martin Luther King Jr. and his admirable views are only applicable to one political party.

Gerth also takes aim at the Republican position on education and claims that their belief in school choice will further disadvantage black Americans by diverting funds away from public schools. He even criticizes Republicans’ opposition to affirmative action, which even Justice Clarence Thomas opposes, as having “system[s] we created to keep them [black Americans] down.” Gerth further ventures to politicize MLK in Cameron’s stance on police as someone who “doesn’t challenge [white people] on issues of race” and doesn’t acknowledge police brutality, leading Gerth to conclude that Republicans are just nominating Cameron because he acts as if racism doesn’t exist.

Gerth’s harmful rhetoric is disappointing and doesn’t reflect the personal and political values that most Kentuckians hold. The simple fact that 87.1 percent of the population in Kentucky is white and yet they nominated a black Republican for governor deserves to be commended, not maligned. Gerth’s divisive and racist views don’t belong in public discourse, and it’s a shame that leftists continue to target and attack black conservatives for daring to think for themselves.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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