Bud Light, Target Crumble in Pursuit of Left’s Transgender Agenda

Bud Light and Target have joined the pandering to the Left’s agenda by promoting unpopular merchandise to niche demographics, at the expense of losing their loyal customers. Recently, Bud Light took the unfortunate step of targeting the tiny fraction of the population that identifies as transgender to market and promote their beer. This myopic move is a bellwether of how far the Left has come in destroying everything wholesome and pure in our society. Like Santa Claus, who was ubiquitous and appealing to all, Bud Light was once beloved by everyone, but has now succumbed to pandering to a few ‘progressive’ customers and thereby devastated their brand.

However, Bud Light is not alone in their misstep towards catering to transgenders. Target has also foolishly decided to include trans-friendly clothing and accessories in their merchandise, including tuck-friendly bathing suits. This has resulted in a $9 billion decline in their market value as angry customers have boycotted their stores. Target has lost sight of their customer base and subsequently lost a substantial amount of their net worth in a short amount of time.

Some businesses today are making an effort to discard their existing customer base to build anew from transgenders who represent less than three percent of the population. This is nothing short of Mao’s radical approach during his cultural revolution to purge any trace of the old society. The truth is that businesses who focus exclusively on pandering to niche markets will fail. Tens of millions won’t starve to death like in Maoist China, but they will lose the love and loyalty of their customers.

The Left must be called out on their ridiculous and dangerous agenda. Recently, Calvin Klein advertised a trans man wearing a sports bra, which is simply confusing and meaningless nonsense. Americans need to wake up and comprehend that businesses cannot build their image or profit by pandering to fringe groups that are insignificant in numbers. Bud Light and Target have learned this lesson the hard way, and they will have to work hard to regain the trust of their customers.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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