Lib TV Hosts Fawn Over Fauci: “He saved peoples lives”

After spending most of his life working for the government, Dr. Anthony Fauci is getting a six-figure salary and telling Americans to go hungry and poor during the pandemic. The co-hosts of ABC's The View tried to defend him on Thanksgiving Eve, with one of them even suggesting that he saved people's lives. They also ignored the fact that the shooter was reportedly non-binary, despite blaming the Republicans for the attack.

The hosts opened the segment by talking about Fauci's press conference, where he discussed the attack and how some conservative individuals claimed their heads had "exploded from outrage." Without providing evidence, Goldberg claimed that some people would rather get COVID than follow Fauci's order to get tested.

Goldberg's head then exploded in anger as she began to discuss her recent experience with COVID.

As she began talking about her experience with COVID, Goldberg started to get angry. She then said that people don't want to get this disease because it's not funny. She also claimed that this will kill them.

Behar then claimed that Goldberg was still alive because she was triple-boosted. She stated that if she wasn't boosted, she would have died.

The racist comments made by Hostin eventually took over the discussion. She incorrectly claimed that Fauci had spent his entire life saving people.

Hostin then said that she was "detest[s]" when people questioned the effectiveness of the latest booster.

I find it incredibly offensive that people would question the effectiveness of a new vaccine when it comes to protecting themselves. I would like to believe that they have the necessary protection to not cause the suffering that my husband and his siblings have experienced. Behar referred to it as "disgusting."

The hosts tried to pretend that Fauci's edicts have not led to the loss of people's livelihoods, the suicides of students, and the various forms of hardship that people have been experiencing due to the isolation. Behar claimed that people would rather die than follow Fauci's orders.

The hosts then tried to explain why people continue to hate-watch Dr. Fauci. They stated that it's not because he ordered them to wear a mask, but because he's here to spread negativity for other reasons. They also claimed that focusing on Fauci only shows that people are trying to put their anger somewhere. Behar stated that it's like people are planning on getting COVID and then claiming that they will own the libs once they die.

Co-host of the faux Republican show, Alyssa Griffin, claimed that she was friends with Fauci. She also noted that their animosity was misplaced as Fauci is not an economic adviser. He is an infectious disease doctor who doesn't deal with kids. She went on to explain that if people don't like what Fauci has done, such as closing down businesses due to COVID, that was not his decision. He was an infectious disease doctor.

According to Behar, Fauci has been made a scapegoat. Likewise, Haines claims that others have been affected by the narrative against him.

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