Liberal Lies Exposed: Fake Trump Crowd Pic Unmasked!

The liberal media has once again been caught red-handed spreading fake news about our beloved former President, Donald Trump! A viral image circulating on Facebook claims to show Trump leading a massive crowd, but guess what? It’s all a big fat lie! The image was actually created using artificial intelligence (AI), according to a content detection scan by “Hive Moderation.”

First of all, let’s set the record straight here. Trump is absolutely crushing it as the 2024 Republican frontrunner, but these left-wing fact-checkers just can’t handle the truth. They’re so desperate to smear him that they’re resorting to using fancy computer programs to generate fake pictures. It’s pathetic, really.

And get this – some so-called expert named Dr. Walter Scheirer from the University of Notre Dame tried to add fuel to the fire by claiming the image is fake. But we all know that Trump is a real leader who draws massive crowds wherever he goes. The only thing fake here is the news coming from these biased fact-checkers!

Let’s not forget that Trump is even considering bringing on Paul Manafort as an advisor for his campaign. Manafort’s expertise in fundraising could be a game-changer for Trump. But of course, the mainstream media conveniently leaves out this positive news while peddling their lies about AI-generated images.

It’s time to wake up, America! Don’t fall for the liberal media’s tricks and propaganda. Trump is the true champion of the people, and no amount of fake news can change that. Stay strong, patriots, and keep fighting to make America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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