Trump Team Fights Stephanopoulos’ Fake Rape Claim: Battle for Truth Continues

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team is fighting back against ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, who falsely claimed Trump was found guilty of rape in his civil case with E. Jean Carroll. The Trump camp is not backing down from this fight, as they believe Stephanopoulos acted with “malice” and a “reckless” disregard for the truth during an interview with Congresswoman Nancy Mace.

Stephanopoulos, a known Democratic operative, has a history of bias against conservatives, and this recent incident only solidifies that fact. By spreading misinformation about Trump’s legal woes, Stephanopoulos is furthering the left’s narrative to demonize the former President at all costs.

Trump’s attorney, Alejandro Brito, has taken the lead in this legal battle, calling out Stephanopoulos for his false statements. The truth is that Trump was found liable for sexual abuse under New York law, not rape, as erroneously claimed by Stephanopoulos.

It’s clear that Stephanopoulos was well aware of the jury’s findings in the Carroll case, yet he chose to twist the facts to fit his own anti-Trump agenda. This kind of blatant media bias is exactly why the general public has lost trust in mainstream news outlets.

Despite facing setbacks in the legal arena, Trump’s team is not giving up on holding Stephanopoulos and ABC accountable for their false reporting. The fight for truth and fairness in the media continues, and conservatives must stand firm against such blatant attempts to smear their reputation.

In the end, it’s crucial for the public to be critical of the information presented by biased media personalities like Stephanopoulos and to seek out alternative sources that provide a more balanced perspective on the news. Let this serve as a reminder that the fight against fake news is far from over, and conservatives must remain vigilant in defending their beliefs against such baseless attacks.

Written by Staff Reports

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