Banks Tremble as AG James Hunts Trump in NY Nightmare

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley dropped a bombshell about former President Donald Trump’s struggle to secure loans for an appeals bond. According to Turley, banks are running scared of Democratic Attorney General Letitia James like she’s the boogeyman under their beds. Can you imagine being a bank in New York right now? It’s like being the last slice of pizza at a party – everyone’s eyeing you with suspicion.

Turley lambasted the situation on “Fox and Friends,” highlighting the absurdity of businesses operating in New York under James’ looming shadow. He painted a grim picture of an attorney general on a witch hunt, with Trump as her favorite target. It’s like a twisted game of tag, except the stakes are millions of dollars and reputations on the line. Talk about a nightmare before Christmas.

Let’s not forget the backstory – Judge Arthur Engoron hit Trump with a jaw-dropping $354 million judgment, sending shockwaves through the business world. Turley described the ruling as excessive, like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It’s as if the Justice League decided to go after Batman for jaywalking – it just doesn’t add up.

James doesn’t seem to be pulling any punches, with a track record of chasing down Trump like a bounty hunter in the wild west. She’s been labeled as an “illegitimate president” and has a history of eyeing high-profile targets like the National Rifle Association. It’s like a replay of David versus Goliath, but with legal briefs instead of slingshots.

In the end, Turley’s words echo a sentiment shared by many – the justice system should be fair and impartial, not a battlefield for personal vendettas. As the saga unfolds, one thing’s for sure – the Trump-James showdown is far from over, and the drama is just getting started. It’s like a reality TV show, but with real consequences.

Written by Staff Reports

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