Liberal Media’s “Learn to Code” Amnesia Exposed! Biden Busted!

The arrogant liberal media strikes again, trying to rewrite history and gaslight the hardworking American people. They’ve been caught red-handed, pretending like the phrase “learn to code” was never a thing and that Joe Biden never said it. But the truth is as clear as day – they’re just a bunch of liars with fingers crossed behind their backs.

This phrase was cooked up by elitist snobs to mock the working class Americans whose jobs were under attack by none other than the Democrats, particularly during the Obama era. They were preaching about job retraining while they were actually throwing hardworking Americans under the bus. Even the labor unions saw through this charade when NAFTA was being pushed through.

And now, the phrase has resurfaced once again after over 100 employees were laid off at The LA Times. It’s like a classic case of karma hitting where it hurts. But instead of owning up to their mistakes, some of the staffers decided to throw a pity party and lash out at those who dared to rejoice in the downfall of a liberal mouthpiece.

Even Chris Cillizza had the audacity to claim that “learn to code” never existed and that Biden never uttered those words. But the internet is forever, and the evidence clearly shows that Biden did, in fact, say it. So, to all the naysayers out there, get a grip and face the facts.

This is just another typical instance of the liberal media trying to bury the truth and play with people’s memories. But guess what, the truth always finds a way to resurface. And in this case, it’s exposing the blatant lies and hypocrisy of the left-wing media.

Written by Staff Reports

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