Biden’s Coding Blunder Erased by Media Cronies!

The liberal media just can’t get it right, can they? They’re at it again, trying to convince everyone that “learn to code” was never a thing and that Joe Biden never said it. Ha! It seems like they conveniently forgot the time when then-candidate Biden told a crowd that miners can definitely learn to code as part of a plan to move away from fossil fuels. But the mainstream media, always trying to protect their buddy Biden, is denying the truth.

It’s absurd to think that “learn to code” was just a made-up phrase targeting hardworking Americans. It was a real thing used to dismiss those who were losing their jobs due to harsh Democratic policies. Remember when Obama declared war on coal? Yeah, those were the good ol’ days. The truth is, job retraining was just a sham, and even labor unions knew it was a bunch of baloney. But of course, the liberal media and their Democratic pals will twist the story to fit their agenda.

The phrase “learn to code” resurfaced recently after over 100 employees were laid off at The LA Times. Some of the remaining staffers are throwing a pity party and lashing out at those celebrating the demise of the liberal publication. Sorry, but they can’t escape the fact that they were the ones pushing the “learn to code” narrative to other struggling Americans. So now, they can sit there and deal with the consequences.

And let’s not forget about Chris Cillizza, formerly of The Washington Post and CNN, who boldly claimed that “learn to code” never existed and that Biden never said it. News flash, Chris: Biden did say it, and there are receipts! Maybe it’s time for a new pair of glasses, huh?

One thing’s for sure, the liberal media lives by the motto “Internet is forever” until it doesn’t suit their narrative. They can’t memory-hole the truth, no matter how hard they try. The evidence is out there, and it’s not going anywhere. But hey, with their track record, it’s no wonder they’d rather forget.

Written by Staff Reports

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