Liberals Blame US for Smog Crisis, Ignoring Canadian Wildfire Culprits!

The liberals and their wacky climate change agenda strikes again! On Wednesday afternoon, New York City was enveloped in a cloud of thick, hazardous smoke produced by Canadian wildfires. The air quality index reached a staggering 353 out of 500, which is considered “very hazardous”—even worse than the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Who is to blame for this disaster? The leftist environmentalists who obsess over the supposed dangers of carbon emissions!

According to Fox Forecast Center meteorologist Brian Mastro, “It looks like Mars out there.” How ridiculous! It’s almost as if the liberals want us to believe that we’re living on a different planet just to push their climate change propaganda.

The air quality in New York City was so bad that air quality tracking site ranked it as 80% lower than Dehli, India—one of the world’s most-polluted cities. It’s embarrassing that our city is now being compared to a city that notoriously lacks sanitation and has abysmal air quality. This is what happens when we let the radical left dictate our environmental policy instead of focusing on the real issues that affect Americans.

Thankfully, the smog is expected to dissipate by Thursday morning, though Mayor Eric Adams is still urging residents to stay indoors. Of course, the left will use this incident to push for more regulations and restrictions on American businesses, despite the fact that these Canadian wildfires have absolutely nothing to do with our country’s environmental policies. It’s time to put a stop to the left’s climate change hysteria and focus on the real problems facing our nation!

Written by Staff Reports

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