Catfight! The View’s Hostin vs Griffin – Battle Over Pence 2024 Escalates!

The ugly feud between the ladies of The View continues as the show’s cast can’t stop bickering like bratty teenagers. Yesterday’s episode got especially heated as they discussed the Republican 2024 presidential candidates, which led to an unpleasant exchange between Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin over former Vice President Mike Pence’s entry into the race. Griffin, who worked as Pence’s press secretary from 2017 to 2019, and then served as Trump’s comms director from April 2020 to December 2020, faced Hostin’s brutal questioning over how she could defend a man whom Hostin also happens to hate. Despite the other co-hosts’ intervention, the tension between the two got out of control and led to Whoopi Goldberg calling for a commercial break.

This heated exchange was challenged to transcribe as it was nearly impossible to hear who was saying what due to all the talking over each other throughout the segment. However, the disagreements between the two reached a climax when Griffin told Hostin that she was dishonoring the legacy of Barbara Walters with her behavior. This show is meant to be a platform for informed and intelligent discussion? Instead, it is nothing more than a den of aggressive, woke propagandists who have nothing better to do than throw hostility and hate at anyone who doesn’t toe the left-wing line.

Although Sunny Hostin’s racist tendencies and overly argumentative behavior aligned with her ultra left-wing views, we can’t ignore the fact that Alyssa Farah Griffin entered the show fully aware of the toxic environment. She clearly wanted to make a name for herself in mainstream media by giving commentary on what they usually consider redemption stories involving former Republicans. In such a case, she shouldn’t act offended when the toxicity at The View comes back to attack her. To improve discourse in America, we must stop watching “The View.” The show is a super spreader event that spreads hate and idiocy of the most dangerous kind. Enough is enough!

Written by Staff Reports

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