Newsom Hissy Fit Over DeSantis’ Border Fix, Ignores CA’s Chaos

California Governor Gavin Newsom just can’t help himself when it comes to criticizing Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida. Newsom, who presides over a state in turmoil due to his liberal policies, has resorted to attacking DeSantis’ stance on America’s porous southern border. Recently, two flights carrying around 36 illegal migrants arrived unexpectedly in Sacramento, California, allegedly arranged by DeSantis. Predictably, Newsom threw a hissy fit on Twitter, threatening DeSantis with kidnapping charges. This liberal governor thinks he can attack America First conservatives with impunity, but DeSantis is always one step ahead.

Newsom claimed DeSantis was responsible for the illegal immigrants arriving in Sacramento, but that’s just not the case. DeSantis is focused on fixing the Biden border crisis, rather than transporting illegal migrants across the country. In fact, DeSantis is running for President with a platform centered around closing America’s southern border for good. He knows that it’s the only way to keep Americans safe and secure. Newsom just wants to open the borders and let anyone in, legal or not.

DeSantis has spoken extensively about his plans to protect Florida citizens by closing the southern border, but Newsom is too busy attacking him to listen. DeSantis is also committed to exposing the Democrats’ disastrous sanctuary city policies, which is why he has transported illegal migrants to Democrat-cities in the past. By bringing the problem straight to liberals’ doorsteps, DeSantis is forcing them to recognize the damage their policies cause.

Newsom claims he’s following California law by threatening DeSantis with kidnapping charges, but it’s just another empty political stunt. DeSantis wasn’t responsible for the illegal migrants’ arrival, and he’s working tirelessly to stop illegal immigration from happening in the first place. Instead of attacking America First conservatives, Newsom should focus on fixing his own state’s problems and stop turning California into a beacon for illegal immigration.

Written by Staff Reports

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