The View’s Hostin Attacks GOP Guest: Barbara Walters Disgraced?

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” the cast of characters gave viewers a glimpse into the rabid pits of the Democratic fever swamps when the conversation turned to the growing 2024 GOP presidential field. Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin got into a heated debate over former Vice President Mike Pence, with Hostin questioning Griffin’s unwillingness to take a stand on Pence, who Hostin hates, on the issue of how he supposedly enabled Trump.

While it was difficult to transcribe what was being said during the awkward exchange, it was clear that Hostin was being rude and personal towards Griffin. When Griffin attempted to defend herself, Hostin talked over her and interrupted her several times. Griffin eventually suggested that Hostin was dishonoring the legacy of Barbara Walters with her behavior, which prompted some scattered applause from the audience.

In this writer’s opinion, Griffin knew what she was getting herself into when she decided to appear on the show. People like Hostin and the other co-hosts add nothing to the national discourse except toxicity and stupidity, oftentimes of the dangerous variety. It’s time for self-respecting Americans to stop watching “The View” altogether.

If there’s one thing we could do to help this country, it would be to turn off the television when programs like this come on. We need to focus on real issues that affect our daily lives, not petty arguments between talking heads that accomplish nothing. Enough is enough.

Written by Staff Reports

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