Librarians Fight Back: Reject Marxist Indoctrination, Revive Classic Library Values!

Are you tired of librarians shoving Marxist propaganda down your throat every time you pick up a book? Well, you’re not alone! A group of fed-up library professionals has had enough of the American Library Association’s leftist indoctrination and bias against parents who just want to have a say in what their kids are reading. That’s right, folks, the Association of Library Professionals (ALP) is here to save the day and bring back good old-fashioned library service without all the political nonsense.

These brave librarians are saying “buh-bye” to the ALA’s activist approaches and are paving the way for a return to traditional, non-partisan library science. Can I get a hallelujah? Finally, a group that understands the importance of keeping politics out of our libraries and focusing on providing information and resources to all users without pushing a specific agenda.

While the left is busy crying wolf about book banning, the ALP is focusing on the real issues at hand – like promoting diversity of viewpoints, understanding that kids might not be ready for politically charged material, and serving the needs of communities without pushing any particular political narrative. It’s about time someone stood up for true intellectual freedom and stopped the left’s relentless march towards censorship and indoctrination.

Kudos to the ALP for setting the record straight and creating a safe space for families and individuals to access information and literature without being bombarded with political propaganda. And hey, if you want to join the fight for traditional library values, you can become a member of ALP, whether you’re a librarian, a student, or even a retiree. Let’s support this brave organization in their mission to keep libraries neutral and focused on what really matters – learning and community. Visit to learn more and become a proud member of the ALP today.

Written by Staff Reports

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