Biden’s Notecards Nonsense: Media Nitpicks While POTUS Delivers!

The White House was not having it when reporters kept asking about President Joe Biden’s use of notecards during his recent activities. Press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, couldn’t believe her ears when someone actually brought up the fact that the president was using notecards. Like, really? With everything else going on in the world, that’s what they wanted to talk about? She had to address the absurdity of it all, reminding everyone that President Biden has had a super successful first three years in office, so who cares if he has some notecards handy? Plus, she made it clear that what really matters is how the president is getting things done, not what tools he’s using to help him remember all the important stuff.

But the real kicker is when Newsmax’s James Rosen couldn’t help but butt in, demanding that Jean-Pierre answer the question. She shut him down real quick, letting him know she wasn’t speaking to him at that moment. You gotta love a spokesperson who’s not afraid to put someone in their place, right? Besides, who cares what Biden’s using to remember all the stuff he needs to remember anyway?

And to top it all off, Axios had to go and report that Biden, who’s 81 years young, has been relying on notecards during private fundraisers. And get this, he’s been using those notes to answer questions from prescreened donors! Like, come on, folks. Can we give the man a break? But of course, Biden’s campaign spokesperson had to chime in, turning the whole thing into a jab at President Trump. Classic move, right?

This whole notecard thing is just another example of how the liberal media loves to nitpick at everything our president does. Can’t they focus on the important stuff, like all the amazing things he’s accomplishing? There’s way too much happening in the world for the media to be obsessing over notecards. The American people deserve real news, not this petty nonsense.

Written by Staff Reports

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