LOL: Don Lemon’s New CNN Show BOMBS Immediately

Don Lemon was fired from his own show because of the poor ratings it received, and the premiere of his new show was a complete and utter disaster.

Don Lemon has established a reputation for being among the most far-left and woke liberals among the news anchors working in television today. However, due to the low number of viewers that saw his prior program, it was removed from late-night television without any fanfare. However, Chris Licht, the new CEO of CNN, opted to give Don Lemon another chance, even though it appears that he definitely shouldn't have.

It has been reported by the Daily Caller. The first edition of CNN This Morning was shown on Tuesday, and after it aired, the ratings for the show plummeted. Despite the fact that it interviewed important guests such as John Fetterman, a Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Senate, and Hillary Clinton, a past candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, the show did not perform well.

The episode, which starred Kaitlan Collins, Don Lemon, and Poppy Harlow, only garnered an average audience of 387,000 viewers and only 71,000 viewers in the demographic of 25-54 year olds. The Daily Caller reports that MSNBC's "Morning Joe" attracted 793,000 total viewers and 114,000 in the category of viewers aged 25 to 54. As a point of contrast, "Fox & Friends" on Fox News drew close to 1.5 million viewers.

This program took the place of "New Day," which was formerly anchored by Brianna Keilar and John Berman. This change was made as part of CNN President Chris Licht's endeavor to push the network closer to the center.

During the first episode of Lemon, Fetterman appeared to have difficulty completing phrases and dropped words, similar to how he did during the argument with Oz.

According to the Daily Caller, when asked what he thought was creating inflation, one of the most pressing concerns facing voters ahead of next week's midterm elections, Fetterman bizarrely started talking about tax cuts.


This only confirms our suspicions that CNN is an incompetent, fabricated news outlet that has lost touch with the real world. They put a woke lefty crybaby in charge of a show, such as Don Lemon, and of course the numbers tanked for it. This is additional evidence that the "Resistance" is nothing more than a group of entitled brats who can't accept that Trump was and will be president again and that he will lead us to a red wave in November's midterm elections. Seeing how sad and humorously desperate they have become is a great combination of the two emotions. We can't thank CNN and Don Lemon enough for making our day! Your constant idiocy is a reliable source of amusement for us.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Next News Network.

Written by Staff Reports

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