LOL: Watch Trump Take HILARIOUS Swing At Joe Biden

As he was making a joke about Joe Biden, Trump took a swing at his ability to perform as the president. Trump is known for his ability to make jokes at the right time. Biden, on the other hand, is known for his inability to speak. It is no surprise that Trump would continue to attack the former Biden.

It was Donald Trump's turn to swing at Joe Biden while they were playing golf in Doral, Florida. The former president took a dig at his successor during the course of his round, with some spectators giving him compliments on his swing.

Even though his speech writers might think that they have something that will sound amazing, Biden still struggles to make his way through them. In stark contrast, Trump can go on a rally stage for several hours in 100-degree heat and deliver an absolute gold performance.

What isn't funny though is that Biden is the leader of this country, and he showed how disadvantaged we are due to his poor leadership. Every day, the US goes into a recession due to how our enemies gain ground because of our leaders' poor decisions.

Written by Staff Reports

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